The Bil Gangl Memorial Fund at Regions Hospital was born out of the annual Mahtomedi 24 hour relay.  Over the years donations have poured in from students, staff, family, and friends that funded meaningful gifts for cancer patients, their families, and the caregivers that serve them.  The fund’s purpose is to give families an opportunity to do something exceptional while creating lasting memory that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without the help of others.  Here are just a few examples of Bil Gangl Memorial fund at work.

  • A limo ride from the airport to his daughter’s wedding  for man who could no longer walk after therapy
  • Funds for a flight home to Georgia to see their family after they had exhausted all chemo treatment options
  • Purchasing memory making supplies for a young mother to create audio books for her 4 year old
  • Dance classes for a child of parent with cancer after all their money was used for treatment
  • Purchasing flights for a young family to go to Sanibel Island for one last vacation before their father’s passing
  • Bought various games and activities for a 4 year old to do with his mother who was bed bound
  • Paid for a young family to go to a water park for a weekend together
  • Massage gift certificates and other “thank you” gift certificates for caregivers
  • Provided restaurant gift cards to patients who receive a clear scan or completed round of chemo

The Bil Gangl Memorial Fund has already provided a great deal to the community and is in need of your support to continue brighten their recipients’ days.  My goal is to raise one dollar for each of the 5,024 lactic acid inducing, sweat dripping, eye opening miles that I plan to push my steel stallion across this country. I have witnessed these donations in action and I know how much the families appreciate these unexpected gifts. That being said, I ask for your help – whether that be a donation, words of encouragement, or spreading awareness of my journey. The families that receive these gifts, much like my own, will never be able to thank you enough.  


Thanks a million…

Joe + Libby



  • Bulk snacks – Do you have an amazing recipe for trail mix?  I have an amazing appetite!
  • Gas cards/coupons or ideas to save on fuel costs
  • Lodging near the trail.  A parking spot is all we need!
  • Join us on the ride, drive the van for a day, camp for a weekend.  Check out our trip itinerary and let us know which part of the trip you would like to join us on
  • Tell us your story… What was your experience with a diagnosis?



  • Water Storage Container (5 gallon)
  • Biking Rain Gear (Mens Large)
  • Full first aid kit – We have a small one but if you have a large one (Hoping not to use it!)
  • Deals or discounts that you can direct me towards for any of the following items
    • Small Propane Tanks (16.4 oz or less typically)
    • Bulk dry goods or non perishablespedal mash header